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The Problem with Greece

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I'm giving a presentation at the Mont Pelerin Society meetings in Istanbul in October and I'm staying over a few days to see the country and visit former students. The Turkish students I've taught have been among my favorites over the years. So I Facebook contacted one of them about seeing him when I'm there and was surprised that he took over a week to get back to me. Then this morning I received this explanation and I understood. I'm pasting it in word for word:

Sir, I am so sorry for writing you a little bit late because i was just moving from Turkey to Greece, and i didnt have an internet connection since 10 days , greeks working only in between 08-14, so still waiting internet geeks to built a line to my home, maybe thats why they are having economical crises :)) You should see, greece is the biggest communist style democracy, everything is being ruled by government or government related bureaucracies.

By the way, one of my Greek students, on parting the United States a year ago, told me that he was so glad to have brought his young kids here for 18 months so that they could live in a country where people have dreams and aspirations that they have a reasonable chance of achieving.

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E. Barandiaran writes:

I'm afraid that your Turkish student is right about what is going on in Greece. You can also hear/read some useful idiots suggesting controls to prevent a massive capital flight from Greece, including border controls and an Argentine "corralito". Their ultimate objective appears to be the issue of a national currency, the kind of confetti that none would like to hold but to get rid of immediately. Yes, in theory a national currency is a good instrument to control people, but never in practice (the idiots still don't understand the Argentine experience).

LA_CC writes:

Funny. I was just thinking most Americans realistically should probably downsize their 'American dream.' This is because we can see the generation born now is born into a class system.

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