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I posted four new videos on the topic of outsourcing. They are numbers 9-12 in my AP Economics lecture series. Feedback on any of them would be appreciated. With number 12, I sort of dance around the idea of PSST.

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subrosa writes:

What books do you assign for your HS econ class?

Karl Smith writes:

When you said "dancing around PSST" I thought there was going to be literal dancing.

Arnold Kling writes:

The textbook we use is Mankiw, but I don't really assign it. I assign some of the exercises in it.

At the end of the year last year, I had students read "The Rational Optimist." Two years ago I had them read "The Price of Everything."

For AP test preparation, one of the standard AP prep books, like Kaplan or Princeton Review, is the best teaching tool.

liberty writes:

I'm going to make a very predictable comment (coming from me): it would have been very simple to include a couple of references to the experience in the Soviet Union, where they tried to use input-output to plan their whole economy; and by trying to plan exchange between factories, which was impossible, ended up with make-shift barter markets between them (with Tolkachi); and where factories chose to make many of their inputs themselves for this reason, which of course was very inefficient as they did not have comparative advantage in making all the components, and the same components were made over and over again inefficiently in thousands of different factories rather than being made efficiently in fewer factories designed for the purpose, etc.

If you want to add such examples at some point, I can offer you links and citations (or you can find them in my book).

Anyway, nice lecture.

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