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The abolition of consumers' choice in favor of universal rationing is a typical product of that onslaught, sometimes called Bolshevism.
This was written by an economist in 1940 to oppose rationing during World War II. Who was the economist? You can "cheat" by Googling it. But if you do, please don't give your answer in the comments.

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Nickolaus writes:

I've seen enough of these "who said its" on Cafe Hayek to know that this is either Keynes or Krugman. Since it was written in 1940, I'm going to go with Keynes.

Michael Stack writes:


Agreed, that's got to be Keynes. The quote gets to the point too quickly to have been Hayek, and besides, that's too obvious; Henderson wouldn't have asked if it had been Hayek.


Alex J. writes:

I would be surprised if Hayek spent much time talking about "Bolshevism".

don bumpass writes:


Nathan Smith writes:

I was also thinking Keynes.

Yancey Ward writes:

I would take the easy answer of Keynes, too. That it was 1940 suggests that this was Great Britain to which the writer was referring.

Jeremy, Alabama writes:

If it wasn't Hayek, then whoever it was was channeling Hayek.

Marc Street writes:

What about Mises?

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