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I just found out that the Stossel show I taped was on this week, not next week as I had thought. It will be shown again tonight at midnight EDT and 9:00 p.m. PDT. I address "Buy American," fair trade, and so-called sweatshops.

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Socal Bill writes:

I saw the show...you look much younger on TV than your picture on Econlog. What's up with that?! Time for an update pic. Oh, and you made alot of sense on the show as well.

Irwin W. Baker writes:

Saw it too. No agism here.
Recommended the econlib link to my Ron Paul supporting son.
Say Hi to Mr. Sowell for me. He's my hero.

David R. Henderson writes:

@Socal Bill,
Thanks. Maybe it’s the make-up. I had the exact opposite impression though: I looked at myself and went, “OMG, I’m getting old.” :-)
@Irwin W. Baker,
Thanks. I’ve got a suggestion for you. Write an appreciative letter to Tom Sowell telling him some specific things you like about his work. I think he would appreciate that. My guess is that he gets a lot of positive letters about his work but many fewer that tell him specific things the person likes.

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