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My Friend Sarah

Paying to Immigrate: Admission... True Monopoly or False Dichoto...

I still think this is one of the best 3-minute videos on economics.

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John Donnelly writes:

Excellent! I would love to see a short video on how we move from where we are today to the ideal libertarian economy.

somebodys_kid writes:

That's very funny.
I fear most of my economics professors would not, however, be amused...

Skippy Maximus writes:


Great video...but I think the Keynes vs. Hayek rap will be very hard to beat!

By the way, picked up "Free To Choose" for some light extracurricular reading this weekend.

If you find me ranting on Monday morning, you'll know why.


David R. Henderson writes:

@Skippy Maximus,
I agree that Keynes Hayek rap is hard to beat. Per minute, though, I think “My Friend Sarah” contends.

Kristoffer G. writes:

Is the point that she got brainwashed and completely one-sided? Im an economy student and that video is what most professors would disregard as highly normative and biased. Also just plain wrong. Unregulated economies are not prosperous compared to highly regulated economies. Hello from scandinavia.

Lars P writes:

I like the script. The acting isn't up to the same standard.

Have Spike Jonze shoot it with some real actors, and this will sizzle!

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