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Andrew Fox writes,

Those Occupy Wall Street-types in their tents at MacPherson Square? If they really, truly are bugged by corporate welfare, they need to schlep their signs and their chants and their anger over to the Mandarin Oriental Hotel. Right now. Because the Fisker Karma is where the rubber meets the road when it comes to corporate welfare.

Read the whole thing. Thanks to Glenn Reynolds for the pointer.

It was the Fisker loan that made me give Nobel Laureate Energy Secretary Steven Chu the Wesley Mouch award, before any of us had heard of Solyndra.

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PrometheeFeu writes:

I wish we would stop bringing up Steven Chu's Noble Prize until he returned to doing physics. His current job (spending other people's money on politically influential people) bears little to no relation to what he won the Nobel for. It's as if Arnold introduced himself as "Arnold Kling, PhD at a prestigious university" before giving a talk on particle physics. It would be completely unethical.

As for the particulars, I must say that whatever theft has been done by Chu in the name of faster cars for film stars... hm... I mean saving the planet, it minor when compared to things such as TARP, the Bear Sterns' creditors rescue and the sweet deals that the big banks have gotten for a while now. I would say the Occupy Wall Street people have the right target in their sights though they may be somewhat misguided in some cases.

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