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Best Economics Books of the Year

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Tyler Cowen has a good list. He can be trusted to be unbiased on books written by authors with no GMU connection: Kahneman, Brynjolffson and McAfee, and Field.

I would add Friedman and Kraus, Engineering the Financial Crisis, to the list. Does it compete with Klein for what Tyler calls "Best Austrian or Austrian-influenced book?" Here is Pete Boettke's review.

I would add Francis Fukuyama's The Origins of Political Order.

Frydman and Goldberg (which book, though?) becomes more significant in light of this year's Nobel Prize. It acts as a counterweight.

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It seems to me that explaining wealth, growth, standards of living, looking at technology is a bit begging the question. I would like to see a Smith-like treatise "An inquiry on the nature and causes of technological progress" from an economist point of view.

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