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Interviewed by Phil Bowermaster here. I elaborate on my thesis that the Great Depression was a major transition and that we currently are undergoing another major transition.

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JP Koning writes:

I enjoyed the interview, especially the parts on teaching yourself.

If the computer and internet revolutions are creating a major restructuring in the job market, then why does Canada not seem to be affected? (see

We are right next to the US, and similar in almost every respect, so we should be going through the same transition. I don't think Canada's strong job market can be pinned on Canada's buoyant resource sector, since the number of goods producing Canadian jobs is no higher today than it was in 1991, and comprises only a fraction of total jobs.

Arthur_500 writes:

Canada hs a much smaller population and the effect of the oil industry on the economy is maintaining a level of "equilibrium". Until the imbalance becomes great enough either through a greater sized population or obsolete indstrial capacity there will be no need to restructure the entire socizl structure.
As Marx claimed, then there will be a total revolution in the society as everything must be restructured to accomodte the new normal.

JP Koning writes:

Even non-oil producing provinces like Ontario, Quebec, and BC have low unemployment rates relative to the US. Quebec is not far off a 40 year low in unemployment. Ontario and Quebec's population is bigger than most US states' populations. I think I still need to be convinced.

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