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Instructions for Virtual Meetup

Eurobanking... Bauman versus Landsburg et al...

A reminder that I will attempt this on Thursday, Dec. 22, at 11 AM Eastern time, with a topic of "the future of education."

I will be using the Google+ hangout feature. That means that you have to be on Google+ and you need to have installed the Google chat plug-in (I had a problem doing this withing Google+. Instead, I had to search for the Google chat plug-in separately, and then install it.)

Finally, I need to know to invite you. So I need to know your name on Google+. Maybe send me a message via Google+.

If anyone has created a hangout using Google+ and has more suggestions/advice, feel free to leave a comment.

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aretae writes:

Perhaps you could post on G+ today, and let anyone listening notify you they want to join the hangout?

TR writes:

Arnold, it's impossible to send you a message unless you've added me into your Circles.

I suggest you instead make the Hangout "Public", meaning that anyone would be able to join it without you needing to invite them.

Click on "Add more people" and then on "Public".

Andreas writes:

I'm pretty sure that google+ hangouts can have a maximum of 10 participants. That may be enough for what you want to do, but if you were hoping for substantially more, that might be an issue.

Kevin L writes:

Andreas, as I commented on the previous post, a hangout can now have unlimited viewers in addition to the 10 participants.

Arnold, if you have any issues, I'd refer to Louis Gray. He's a Google+ "evangelist" of sorts.

Arnold Kling writes:

I didn't know that. Thanks! I also understand that there is a way to allow lurkers into a hangout. I will look into that.

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