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I am trying to organize a virtual meetup using a Google "hangout." The time will be this Thursday at 11 AM. OH--Eastern time zone (U.S.)

I think you have to be on Google+ to participate.

The topic will be the future of education.

Frankly, I am just curious to get a feel for the hangout application.

Leave a comment if you plan to participate (no need to leave a comment explaining why you can't participate).


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Louise Shaw (@Bubbalou) writes:

11am which time zone please?

TR writes:

I will participate. Am in the GMT time zone. Really looking forward to it!!

Eric Hanneken writes:

I plan to participate, unless something comes up in my day job. Next year, MIT is going to start offering online courses, with the possibility of certification (although not an MIT degree). We might discuss whether brick-and-mortar colleges and universities are going the way of Borders.

Louise: Arnold lives in Eastern Time, so I assume that's the zone he means.

Joel writes:

I'll join, possibly with a screaming baby, but hopefully with a well-behaved one.

Arnold Kling writes:

Eastern time zone (U.S.) 11 AM.

My guess is that you have to be on my Google+ circles for me to invite you. So send me some sort of message that lets me know your Google+ identity. If nothing else, email me at arnoldsk at us dot net

rabjmd writes:

hoping to be there

John writes:

I plan to join

aretae writes:

I plan to be there.

Gene Hayward writes:

Yes, I plan on attending...

Andreas Moser writes:

What is a Google+?

Harrison Searles writes:

I plan on attending.

jpa writes:

I'd like to lurk.

Please post a URL to join the hangout.

Jonathan Bechtel writes:

Ha, sounds good. Count me in!

Pietro Poggi-Corradini writes:

I'll try to make it.

Kevin LeCureux writes:

I would be interested, also. If you use "Hangouts with Extras" (an option when you go to create a hangout), you can have an unlimited number of viewers, but still only 10 participants. My G+ profile is in my screen name URL. I also maintain the "Austrian Economics" page. Haven't been as active with that since I got married 11 days ago.

Chad writes:

I doubt I'd have much to add, but sounds like a great learning opportunity--I'd love to listen in!

Mallory writes:

I would like to participate as well!

Emerson White writes:

How will we find it? Ugh I don't want to be awake at 7am, I'm on break :/

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