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Students might be interested in a set of imitation Sal Khan videos that I made to cover AP economics. There are roughly 70 videos, typically 10-15 minutes each. I start with some basic economic concepts, then proceed to macro (starting at video 14) and finish with to micro (starting at video 42).

I also have videos that cover AP Statistics.

In the economics videos, my students liked Who's Yo' Demand Curve, Where I Stand, PSST, and Copies are Cheap. The latter three are not part of the AP curriculum.

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Paul Boisvert writes:

How would a student interested in the vidoe obtain them?

Josh Blackman writes:

What great videos. What tool do you use for your screen-casting? I am looking to use these Khan-Academy videos in my law school classroom.

Arnold Kling writes:

Khan and I use a Wacom Bamboo tablet for writing and Camtasia studio for recording the screen. I use Microsoft Paint to create the virtual blackboard.

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