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Below is a teaser. The full conversation is here. Nick Schulz and I discuss with him Too Big to Know, his new book.

Yes, there will be a podcast version. I just need a place to put it--my own web hosting service notified me that I have used up most of my bandwidth, mostly because over 1000 people have downloaded the Greve podcast.

During the podcast, the topic of "echo chamber" came up. If I had it to do over again, I would press David on his definition of the term. He implicitly defined it as any group of people with shared demographic characteristics and cultural norms. By that definition, many groups are echo chambers.

A better definition would be based on Bryan's ideological Turing test. If no one in your group can pass an ideological Turing test in describing an important opposing point of view, then you are in an echo chamber.

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ThomasL writes:

I like for such things.

Greg writes:

any chance of having better quality audio??? i know that having a 3 way conversation is not all that easy but you could get Skype Premium which costs £2.50 a month, is supposed to have good quality....

i mean if Russ Roberts can do it i am sure you could figure it out, since you went to MIT and that's what MIT is all about (technology).

also can you start putting all your podcasts into a more organised page like EconTalk?

i know you do it all for free ect. but it would be nice to have an alternative to EconTalk because to be honest right now there is ONLY ONE good podcast on economics (at least from which i actually learn something new every time) and its EconTalk.

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