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Five Myths About Free Markets

French versus American Parenti... Segregation...

The talk I gave at Hoover on Wednesday, "Five Myths About Free Markets," is on YouTube.

Here it is.

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Alan Watson writes:

Is this available as a podcast (mp3)? Thanks.

Daniel Klein writes:

Kudos! The talk is great -- as expected.

David R. Henderson writes:

@Daniel Klein,
Thanks, Dan.
@Alan Watson,
I think Hoover plans to put it on iTunes. When I find out, I’ll make an announcement on Econlog.

Ken B writes:

Yes, an excellent talk. My fact of the day is the workers unite quote. I already know which heart I am going to break with that one!

If I hadn't run into some of these myths myself I wouldn't believe some of them get any credence, like the racism one. Keep up the good fight.

Ken B writes:

Incidentally in the 90s I worked on software to replace operators and other people in telephone systems. I described my job as putting people out of work ...

Scott Robinson writes:

Dr. Henderson, Saw your Hoover talk on line, but didn't know how to reach you. A bit off topic, but the medical profession in the US is suffering from rolling shortages of many injectable drugs, particularly in oncology, and anesthesiology. I suspect the throttling hand of government is causing this to happen. Do you or any of your colleagues have any thoughts about this? A good graduate thesis topic?

Scott Robinson,MD

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