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From a NYT blog:

People who constantly reach into a pocket to check a smartphone for bits of information will soon have another option: a pair of Google-made glasses that will be able to stream information to the wearer's eyeballs in real time.

Pointer from Mark Thoma.

I predicted that headsets would be the ultimate form factor back in 2001.

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PrometheeFeu writes:

This could have some huge benefits in terms of providing information on a HUD. If an emergency arises while driving, your car could detect that fact and give you instructions on how to react. A surgeon could have the patient's vital information streamed in real time or a remote expert could interact with the surgeon giving feedback or advice without having to interrupt the procedure. If you lose your kids in a crowd, their position may be highlighted for you. When negotiating a deal, you may be fed information regarding your counter-part and their current position. Someone who is learning how to cook may have the system detect that the onions are "browned" enough or some such.

The most exciting application for me though would be retrieving user-generated information with image recognition. Just met an attractive stranger in a bar? Hm? Why are so many people using the word "jerk" in connection with his name? About to get in a taxi? Lots of people say that guy lets his meter run. That sort of thing would be gold.

Of course, for geeks like me, there will probably stigma for having that thing on every single second you are awake. I am sure some etiquette will be developed as to when it will be appropriate to take the glasses off.

Andreas Moser writes:

Oh no. I already find it annoying enough that people constantly check their phones while speaking with me.

I personally refuse to even answer my phone most of the time: , so I don't think I am the target group of these Terminator-glasses.

ThomasL writes:

Don't they know devices like this are how the Cybermen take over?

Honestly, it is like some people do not even watch Dr. Who.

Tom E. Snyder writes:

Just what we need--another distraction while driving.

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