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My Interview at Rockford College

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Rockford College philosophy professor Stephen Hicks asks me some questions. Here's the result.

Here are the questions:

Why did you become an economist or political-economist?

Does liberal society need an economic theory, and if so why?

Your books:
Key themes from Making Great Decisions in Business and Life?
Key themes from The Joy of Freedom?
Key purpose of The Fortune/Concise Encyclopedia of Economics?

The past: What three historical economists/thinkers have you learned most from?
What is most important from economist/thinker 1?
What is most important from economist/thinker 2?
What is most important from economist/thinker 3?
What major historical economist/thinker do you most disagree with?

The present:
What is the hardest problem in economics/political economy you are working on now?
What is the most challenging criticism of your views?
What is the state of liberal thought today among political-economists?

The future:
To bring about a more liberal society, what key practical steps can and should be taken?

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D writes:

I highly recommend professor Hicks' book Explaining Postmodernism. Very insightful and fun read.

R Richard Schweitzer writes:

As a follower of Hick's blog, I had tried before this posting by you to review your interview.
For some reason, the questions pages come up but the page remains blank.

I particularly wanted to read

Questions II

Could you check with Dr. Hicks on this?

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