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Richard Epstein on Charity and Health Care

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Geoffrey writes:


I almost stood up and cheered after watching that...

Jonathon Hunt writes:

Great find David!

Joe Cushing writes:

I'm making this comment before watching the video. I just read the title of it and two questions that liberals never seem to ask immediately come to mind:

What if government fails to provide for the poor?

or worse:

What if government takes over health care and fails to provide to everyone?

Ken B writes:

I thought it was a terrifc rwo minutes. I also think the media take-away is,when asked what happens if charities turn away the needy Epstein talked about why it's good to let them turn people away.

Scott Sumner writes:

Epstein is a national treasure.

methinks writes:

I never tire of Epstein. I never tire of sending his clips to everyone I know. I thank you for more Epstein!

Warren Gibson writes:

Would that I could think on my feet so forcefully and eloquently!

adam zur writes:

So Chicago still has good people.

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