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A Non-Keynesian Turing Test

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Can a non-Keynesian economist pass for a Keynesian?  Blogger Michael Hartwell tries to pass an ideological Turing Test here:
As promised, I have assembled a team of informed Keynesians and left-wing econ fans to answer some general questions about modern economists. Mixed in with their answers are my own, using my understanding of left-wing economics to answer them from that perspective. I did not Google any of my answers or look at what someone else wrote first.
I'm a little puzzled by the fact that only two out of the six questions are about macroeconomics narrowly defined.  But it's an impressive effort, and I'm honored to have been an inspiration for the project.  Answers will be revealed next week.

P.S. My guess is that Hartwell is "Steve Buchemi."

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Ironman writes:
P.S. My guess is that Hartwell is "Steve Buchemi."

Aren't we all?

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