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This is a program on Russian television, talking about a proposal to require pre-approval for financial products. The Capitol in the background was photo-shopped in. I had no visual feedback whatsoever--there was not even a monitor where I could see myself. I wound up feeling sorry for Weyl, the author with whom I disagreed. I don't think he ever really was able to explain himself. Of course, somebody who disagrees with me might think I was never able to explain myself.

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Rick Hull writes:

Mr. Weyl emits statements that sound like questions? I found it painful to listen to his basic explanations? I'm not sure I should even leave this comment?

Gregg writes:

I think under ideal circumstances Mr. Weyl would still be unsuitable for this format. Television is unforgiving for slow meandering responses. His greatest failure is misunderstanding the the knowledge domain he is operating in. Drugs and Financial markets are orders of magnitude different in complexity. Experiments would lack the necessary controls and environmental stability to succeed.

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