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Did U.K. Double Dip Prove that Austerity Didn't Work?

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Matt Mitchell at Mercatus posted an excellent post on this this a.m. I could try to summarize but Matt is a heck of [that's my inner John Madden talking] a writer: both terse and complete. So I won't bother. I'll simply recommend his post.

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Rick Hull writes:

One might be tempted to say that chemotherapy doesn't work, either. As with many things, pain in the short term is necessary for long term prosperity.

Rick Hull writes:
jc writes:

From Alesina and Ardagna (2009).


R Richard Schweitzer writes:

What "austerity?"

Did public sector spending decline in the U K?
No, it increased.

And for the E.U.?

So where has there been austerity and what was its nature?

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