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All-Volunteer Matrimony... Of NWW and Fukuyama...

Jason Collins offers a reading list. I have read most of the books but few of the articles. I will want to pursue the articles.

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Duncan writes:

Interesting talk from "the old" Paul Krugman (c. 1997) on evolution and economics.

E.A. writes:

Fantastic. Thanks.

R Richard Schweitzer writes:

The following comment appears under the listings:

With Epigenetics (Lammarck) and Symbiotics (Margulis) evolutionary theories are "opening up" to additional ways of investigation.

To the extent "Economic" conditions comprise an environment affecting the human organism (cyclical periods of starvation in Sweden, e.g.) we have definitive interlinks. The micro-biologists seem to be dealing with these effects as "imprinting." We will probably learn (slowly and reluctantly) of much more interplay, and then how that interplay affects the constant re-arrangements in social organizations (responses) and the formations or declines of social orders.

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