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Peter Thiel on Business

Robin Channels Epicurus... Blinder on Health Care...

Blake Masters took notes. Tyler Cowen linked to them. I recommend them.

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infopractical writes:

On the topic of when people are happy not to have complete college (or any other level of school)...

When you're creative enough to create yourself into a monopoly, that seems like the right moment to leave the competition -- to stop chasing credentials.

Of course, we should guard against encouraging the wrong people to leave the competition, and we should find the right ways (20 Under 20, perhaps) to encourage people to step aside from the competition to explore their creative success.

Mike W writes:

Ah yes...I love this kind of talk. Takes me back to the much energy and excitement...and hype. Academics like this stuff because they think they understand's so cerebral, so organinzed...they think, "oh yeah, I get that" they think they are involved. Hellooo, it's a sales pitch're being played. What Thiel is describing has much more to do with what goes on in any busines...constant review, continuing adaptation, lotsa luck and sheer panic. What Thiel did can't be're naive to think you "get it".

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