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I'm having trouble finding any pre-existing academic literature on firing aversion.  Google Scholar has two hits for "firing aversion" and zero hits for "hirer's remorse."  Anyone know of any relevant research under another name?

P.S. Much oblige to kenneth and steve for their comments.  Great guidance.  If you want credit in my acknowledgements, please email me your full names. :-)

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Gabriel Rossman writes:

Just a guess, but try "endowment effect employer"

sieben writes:

firing avoid employee

Seems fruitful... To me at least.

mark writes:

It's probably more a subject for schools of business management and I don't know what quantity or quality of research they do. There is a sub-category of HR tasks called "employee management" that encompasses skills for hiring and firing. Or you could just contact the company George Clooney worked for in Up in the Air. They clearly made money from firing aversion.

John Fast writes:

When I saw the headline for your post I misunderstood what you were talking about, and was about to refer you to S. L. A. Marshall's classic study Men Against Fire: The Problem of Battle Command (as well as the later works which dispute it).

kenneth writes:

"Good cause norm" (vs. At-will doctrine)

steve writes:

Try "employee dismissal psychology motivation" on Google scholar. Better yet, email the business or econ librarian at GMU and tell them what you are looking for.

steve writes:

More ideas for where to look and what to look for:

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