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is out in National Review (dead tree edition a couple weeks ago, on line now). Reihan Salam calls Manzi's work "the most important book of 2012." As you know, I think that honor belongs to Jonathan Haidt's The Righteous Mind, but I am pretty high on Manzi, too. I write,

The ideas in this book are important, and I think it belongs on the syllabus of graduate programs and high‑level undergraduate programs in social science and public policy.

I posted on Manzi's book in March. Nick Schulz interviewed Manzi a month later.

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Steve Sailer writes:

Here's my review of Jim's book in Taki's Magazine:

Steve Sailer writes:

I was very impressed by Jim's book, although I'd like to see him publish another book in a few years going over this same material again, but instead of aiming it at the tiny high brow intellectual market, this time aiming it at the upper middlebrow airport bookstore market. He's got the material to compete with Freakonomics and Gladwell as long as he doesn't, say, entitle his first chapter "Induction and the Problem of Induction." I'm all in favor of Manzi gaining a broader audience than "Uncontrolled" will enjoy because he's right and Gladwell and Levitt are (always and sometimes, respectively) wrong.

Marielaina Perrone DDS writes:

Excellent blog post and book. Glad to see this get some publicity and get the word out.

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