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I Come Cheap

Anna J. Schwartz, RIP... Final Reply to Ridley...

1. via 99-cent e-book: Not What They Had in Mind. I am still proud of this analysis of the financial crisis. Of course, if you want to get it even cheaper, you can download it from SSRN.

2. as part of a $1.99 bundle of five papers on reforming America's housing finance system. Again, an even cheaper version is available.

As far as I know, I get no royalties from the paid versions, so I don't mind plugging the free alternatives.

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Chris Koresko writes:

Not What They Had in Mind is a very, very good read. Easily the best account of the crisis I have come across so far.

Bill writes:

I've used your article several times in an MBA class on Financial Institutions. It is a very good analysis.

Mike Rulle writes:

Bought the 5 pack.

Why don't you get paid?

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