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Jose Antonio Vargas Is Sadly Ineligible for Semi-Amnesty

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Jose Antonio Vargas, the Rosa Parks of U.S. immigration law, is one year over Obama's cut-off for semi-amnesty.  But Vargas is too noble not to celebrate:
Obama's temporary order, however incremental and incomplete, is the most significant development in the fight for immigrant rights since Ronald Reagan signed the Immigration Reform and Control Act in 1986. (It should not be forgotten that Reagan as president granted amnesty to millions of undocumented immigrants.) Indeed, it has changed lives in a very visible way. On the current cover of TIME, I pose with 35 other undocumented immigrants from 15 different countries. Now, because of Friday's announcement, almost all of the youth featured on the cover -- 32 out of the 36 people in the photograph -- can stay in the U.S. without fear of deportation and give back to the only country they call home.

All of us in the photo are DREAMers -- as defined by the Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors Act. And even though not all of us qualified for relief -- at age 31, I'm over the age limit of Obama's order -- that didn't stop elder DREAMers and the rest of the 11.5 million undocumented community from celebrating the occasion. For a community that's been under attack for years, a win for one group is a win for all groups.
Now I'm just waiting for Vargas to stop calling for a "conversation" and start calling for open borders.

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bmcburney writes:

Keep waiting and you may have the opportunity to hear him call for the expulsion of anglos from the Southwestern US.

right flag marching writes:

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DK writes:

Last I checked, Jose Antonio Vargas is not in any danger of deportation. Even more, he turned his illegal status into prosperous business, collecting $$$ in speaking fees on campuses all over the country. Naturally, majority of them are paid by American taxpayers.

Steve Sailer writes:

Bryan is pretty irony-proof, so he hasn't noticed the humor in the fact that his "Rosa Parks of illegal immigration" isn't even a Mexican: he's a gay Filipino. You would think that out of 10,000,000 illegal Mexicans, the media could find _one_ to do the spiel for them, but no, it turns out they have to use an Asian with a Spanish name!

Peter Schaeffer writes:

All of the following is "undocumented writing" (plagiarism)

Suggested future stories for Time magazine.

An article on shoplifting: "We are Customers! Just not legally."
A profile of Bernie Madoff: "I am an Investment Adviser! Just not legally."
A feature on rapists: "I am your Lover! Just not legally."
A cover story on kidnappers: "We are your Neighborhood Baby-Sitters! Just not legally."


I'm not a burglar to your home, I'm just an undocumented home owner.
I'm not stealing your car, I'm just an undocumented title owner to your car.
I'm not stealing from your store, I'm just an undocumented owner of your store and its inventory.
I'm not kidnapping your child, I'm just an undocumented parent to your child.

Peter Schaeffer writes:

Reagan was responsible for the 1986 Amnesty. Back then Amnesty was called Amnesty and illegals were called illegals.


He also called the IRCA "the worst mistake of my presidency". Indeed.

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