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Mish Bet Update

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I'm pleased to report that the noble Mike Shedlock has paid up on our unemployment bet.  You might think this goes without saying, but I'm afraid to say that lesser men have failed to promptly pay up in the past.  And I'm not quite brave enough to publicly expose them.

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Jonathan writes:

I wonder whether you should have waited for the preliminary numbers to be finalized before asking for the money.

If the numbers are revised to over 8 percent (however unlikely that may be), are you required to give it back?

Ted Levy writes:

Are you brave enough to vaguely describe them?

David R. Henderson writes:

I bet someone $1,000 and won, but she denied that she had made the bet.

Ken B writes:

I feel like I have wandered into a meeting of Gamblers Anonymous.

William Luther writes:

You should include public shame for non-payment in the contract.

TidubJGohardson writes:

Bryan, you gotta call 'em out. Reputation is everything.

Lewis writes:

Is there a post with all the bets, and their status?

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