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Many of the visitors to this blog were disappointed when Arnold Kling stopped blogging in August, actually three months ago today. This blog owes a lot to Arnold: he started Econlog under a different name.

The good news for Arnold's fans, of whom there are many, is that he is now blogging again. His blog is called "askblog." I'm guessing, in light of his work on Econlog, that I'll be a regular reader.

This post gives Arnold's philosophy of blogging. Here's a highlight:

I will try to keep the posts here free of put-downs, snark, cheap shots, straw-man arguments, and taking the least charitable interpretation of what others say.

An admirable goal.

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Robert writes:


Vipul Naik writes:

So, he wasn't made to sign a non-compete agreement upon leaving EconLog, or was his non-compete agreement only for three months?

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