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In the last week of October, Sallie James of Cato and I taped a segment with John Stossel. The whole show is up on line and the segment we are on starts at about the 29:45 point and goes to about the 36:00 point. We deal with whether jobs per se are good, whether Mitt Romney's opposition to starting banks in garages is justified, and whether bailouts of auto companies are good.

Early in the segment, Stossel shows various people claiming that a benefit of natural disasters is the jobs it creates. One of the people they show is, I'm pretty sure, my former colleague at the Naval Postgraduate School, Nayantara Hensel. She's now the U.S. Navy's chief economist. She's a pretty sharp economist and so wonder if her comment was taken out of context.

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Phil C. writes:

FYI, Dr. Hensel is no longer with the Navy is now on the faculty of the National Defense University.

David R. Henderson writes:

@Phil C.,
Thanks. The Navy needs to update its web site.

Max writes:

Don't know about misrepresenting out of context, but there are lot of sharp economists that are generally intelligent, that don't buy the bastiat Window fallacy and only see the rebuilding growth without the loss. Krugman f. E. Falls in this category. Perhaps she also has to talk this stuff when working in her gov position. However, if she believes otherwise that doesn't speak for her either.

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