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Merry Christmas to All

Payday for Behavioral Economic... "Wholesale Bankruptcies" in Hi...

I couldn't figure out how to rotate: the picture not the cat.

Christmas, 2012.jpg

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Ken B writes:

I was just about to ask how you managed that pose ... But then I realized you just photo shopped out the guywires holding you and the tree up. Tricky!

Becky Hargrove writes:

Aww! I've had plenty of holiday poses taken with my cat, who also refuses to look at the camera. Merry Christmas to you and your family!

David R. Henderson writes:

@Ken B,
You caught me. :-)
@Becky Hargrove,
Thanks, Becky. Ditto to you.

Joe Cushing writes:


I'd offer instructions but it's different with every software.

Merry Christmas.

Tom E. Snyder writes:

Merry Catmas (and Christmas, as well).

I'm visiting my daughter in AR and missing my cats back in TX.

Glad to know you are a cat person, too.

Chris Koresko writes:

@David Henderson:
Here you go! I took the liberty of cropping it a bit, too.

Merry Christmas to all.

[duplicate http in url fixed--Econlib Ed.]

egd writes:

A world class economist, and his owner too!

Merry Christmas!

David R. Henderson writes:

@Chris Koresko,

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