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Although the week is half over, I bet this one will beat all comers.

David Friedman, after analyzing queues and time lost to government bureaucracy in Britain while he was traveling, had an anonymous commenter who said:

No offence, but I think that you need to get out a bit more. Too much analysing, not enough enjoying.

A minute later, David responded:
I enjoy analyzing.

Touche, David.

Why do I call this an economics quote? David is illustrating Pillar #7 of The Ten Pillars of Economic Wisdom: The value of a good or a service is subjective.

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Liam McDonald writes:


Is the Joy of Freedom out in kindle edition yet? I can't get it in this part of the world.

Ken B writes:

Oh no! Aside from what happened to Bob Murphy I can tell this sucker bet is an example of a general rule: Don't bet against David Henderson.

Unless of course you enjoy losing ...

David Henderson Author Profile Page writes:

Sorry, Liam. Not yet.

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