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Eli Dourado on the Mercatus Master's Fellowship

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@EliDourado tweets:

Kind of hard to believe, Mercatus will pay you $20k/year to get an MA in Economics. Plus you might "get" to be my RA. 

He's right.  You might also "get" to take master's level macroeconomics with me: I'm teaching it this semester, as I have for five of the past six years.  

Overall student quality in the master's fellowship program is high, as is camaraderie.  Plus, Mercatus is just across the street from the legendary El Pollo Rico, so your nominal $20K stipend buys much more than that in real terms. 

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Peter Twieg writes:

The NYFamousKabob cart is closer than El Pollo Rico, and even better!

Adam G writes:

He's right. The M.A. fellowship is worth it, if just for EPR's D.C. famous yucca fries.

cassander writes:

If I offer to do the program for 10k a year, will that put me in front of all the other applicants?

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