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Shortly after the Congressional elections of 2010, talk radio host Terry Gilberg of talk radio station KFYI in Phoenix had me on to discuss some of the implications of the Republican takeover, with the help of many Tea Party candidates, of the House of Representatives. I said words to the effect that one of the most conflicted people in Washington right now (November 2010) is John Boehner: he would be happy because he would become House Speaker but would be concerned about dealing with a whole lot of new Tea Party Congressmen. Boehner was/is an establishment Republican and he wouldn't quite know how to deal with them.

Terry remembered that comment and so she called me up to tape an interview that played Saturday evening. She wanted to discuss the future of the Republican Party and so that's what we did: we discussed economics, Romney, civil liberties, and foreign policy, roughly in that order. The whole thing, which goes about 40 minutes, has no ads. It's here.

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Ken B writes:

Good interview. We disagree on a lot of foreign policy stuff David!

I agree with the host, this election was not about the economy. You might be right that Romney was a poor choice to make it an issue. I can't think of very many possible candidates who could have done better though.

David R. Henderson writes:

@Ken B,
Thanks. The candidate I can think of who would have done better, and the one mainstream candidate I favored, was the Indiana governor, Mitch Daniels. I think he could have made the economy an issue.

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