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I'm looking around for U.S. data on employment benefits as a function of education (or, failing that, income).  Data on health insurance as a function of education would be almost as good.  The ideal table would look something like:

Education Level      % w/Benefit (e.g. health insurance)
high school drop-out  20%
high school grad       45%

Thanks in advance for pointers.

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Emily writes:

Both ACS and March CPS include very detailed variables on education, income, and health insurance status, including whether the health insurance is provided by the employer or through some other source. The microdata is accessible through

Ricardo writes:

This isn't quite what you're looking for, but BLS can tell you health insurance incidence by occupation (see the Employment Cost Index section), and many occupations have minimum education requirements, so failing a better answer you could get there indirectly.

Patrick McCann writes:

You should use the SIPP; it has this information. For example, table 2 on this page ( resembles what you are looking for (health insurance lapses by education level). Conveniently, there is a simple R interface to SIPP data with an tutorial at

If you and/or your graduate assistants are unfamiliar with R or the SIPP, let me know and I will write the R program to compile the table for you and send you the code.

A comparison of the three available census sources is shown here.

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