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John Stossel's show tonight on the Fox Business Channel (9:00 p.m. EST and 6:00 p.m. PST) is about the sequester, budget cuts, crazy government programs, etc. I sat in the green room and watched almost all of it and it's excellent. On one segment, my favorite French economist, Veronique de Rugy of Mercatus and I talk about France and Canada, respectively. When John came into the "green room" (it's not actually green) before the taping, he pointed at Vero and said "Failure" and at me and said "Success." Translation: on government spending, France failed and Canada succeeded.

For the 2010 Mercatus study on Canada that has led to a number of appearances on John's show, go here.

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A country that has produced both a Frédéric Bastiat and a Veronique de Rugy can't be all that bad. :-)

David R. Henderson writes:

And Jacques Rueff and Maurice Allais. By the way, I'm glad your Institute exists. I'm a big fan of his book.

pietro writes:

One retort I heard as to why Canada succeeded in cutting it's that the US was booming in the naughts.

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