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I'm speaking at Students for Liberty's 2013 conference tomorrow and Sunday.  My topics: public choice, voter irrationality, and The Case Against Education

I'll also be debating the Center for Immigration Studies' Jan Ting on (a) immigration, and (b) military intervention.  The debate will filmed and eventually released.

If you're attending, please show off your well-known social skills by introducing yourself. :-)

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Alex Nowrasteh writes:

Does that mean the debate cannot be attended live? If it can be attended, when and where is it?

Ted Levy writes:

I can see the results now: "So impressed were the STL audience by Professor Caplan's arguments against education, they dropped out en masse, thus causing the abandonment of the STUDENTS for Liberty..."

John writes:


I was able to attend your talk about the Myth of the Rational Voter. You have an engaging style that undoubtedly serves you well as a teacher.

I'm curious about the "non-expert" sample group. Were there any controls for voter versus none voter?

I'm also curious about what definition of rationality you're applying. It seems perfectly rational to me to vote for a policy that improves that voter's position and not for the general good that might harm their position.

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