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Consumer Surplus: An Application of the Concept

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I've written on consumer surplus a number of times on this blog. See here. David Boaz recently posted on a 1979 talk by Nathaniel Branden to which I was the introducer. In my intro to Nathan, I applied the concept of consumer surplus so that, I think, a non-economist audience could understand it. My intro goes about 3 minutes and 20 seconds.

By the way, the friendly heckler at about the 59 second point, who yells out "Economist," is the late Roy A. Childs, Jr..

The lead in to the consumer surplus point starts at about 1:40.

I recommend Nathan's whole talk too. It's one of his best.

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Bob Murphy writes:

That is so awesome to hear you that young, David! It's obviously you, but yet the voice is higher and there are other slight differences that show it's a young person.

(I also sounded different in 1979.)

David R. Henderson writes:

@Bob Murphy,
Thanks. I noticed how young I sounded too. I also notice that I said "uh" more often back then. :-)
BTW, happy birthday.

Thank you. I had not heard Nathaniel Branden speak before. That was indeed good.

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