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Updating My RSS Feeds: What Am I Missing?

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With the end of the semester and the coming demise of Google Reader, I'm going to take an inventory of my already-thin list of RSS feeds and add and subtract as I deem necessary. Since crowdsourcing is the hip, "in" thing that all the cool kids are doing, I put the question to you, dear readers: to what blogs or other RSS feeds should I subscribe, and why?

I look forward to your suggestions. I'll reveal my current subscriptions by the end of the week.

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Eric Hanneken writes:

Obviously, you should avoid feeds for news sites, and you should probably subscribe to EconLog.

Apart from that, I don't know all of your interests, but here are some other ideas:

  • US-CERT Alerts, so you can keep up with software vulnerabilities.

  • Arnold Kling's and David Friedman's blogs, because they're smart men who think like economists and sometimes say interesting things.

  • Cute Overload, because it feels good to look at cute animals, and it probably lowers your blood pressure too.

  • Let a Thousand Nations Bloom, so you can keep up on the progress of seasteading and charter cities, which are our only hope now. :-/

F. Lynx Pardinus writes:

Disunion from the NY Times has been blogging the 150th anniversary of the American Civil War.

Kevin V writes:

Bleeding Heart Libertarians, because we're provoking the liberty community to reflect on its most fundamental philosophical and moral commitments.

Jason Sorens writes:

I'll put in a plug for Pileus -- a CL poli sci blog.

RPLong writes:

If you're not following Jonathan Finegold Catalan's blog, you should start. That and EconLog are easily the two most thought-provoking blogs on my reel.

I assume you already follow the other ones I read daily (John B. Taylor's blog, John Cochrane's blog, Marginal Revolution, etc.)

The Last Psychiatrist is an excellent diversion when you're tired of economics.

Maximum Liberty writes:

Coyote Blog for a non-academic perspective-correction:


inDglass writes:

I have really gotten into The Art of Manliness lately. It covers a whole range of topics that men might find useful and interesting.

Jacob writes:

My favorite non-econ blogs/RSS feeds:

MinutePhysics (

XKCD ( and What If? (

The Art of Manliness (

Hazel Meade writes:

Bleeding Heart Libertarians


Igor Livshits writes:
(+1 to a suggestion above)
(he's really hit or miss, but I find the 5%-10% of hits quite worthwhile)

ColoComment writes:

LOVE Coyote. Warren brings highly educated, small-business, and common-sensical observation to the practical economic world.

Sam Wilson writes:

The Munger Family of blogs should form a satellite cluster. In no particular order:

Kids Prefer Cheese
Euvoluntary Exchange
Cherokee Gothic

Not only are Mungowitz and co. entertaining, but they are frequently thought-provoking.

Tony writes:

Xan's blog:

He doesn't write all the time, but he always seems to have something interesting to say when he does.

Brad D writes:

All these are good.

If you like to follow the Supreme Court, SCOTUS blog is extremely well written.

I also like The Browser @

Sam Roggeveen writes:

This is shameless self-promotion, so take it for what it's worth, but the blog I edit on behalf of the Sydney-based Lowy Institute for International Policy has some of the smartest daily commentary around on global political, strategic and economic issues, with an Asia Pacific focus:

Joe Cushing writes:

Jeffrey Tucker is GREAT on stage and you should YouTube search him but he is also good in text. This blog appears to have other writers with him though. He is a freedom lover with a positive outlook and a great infectious smile.

Duane writes:

Some you probably already are subscribed to or others have mentioned, but here goes:

- Cafe Hayek
- Arnold Kling
- Megan McArdle
- John B. Taylor
- Keith Hennessey
- Professor (Stephen) Bainbridge
- Simply Statistics
- The Beacon from The Independent Institute
- Foundation for Economic Education
- ThinkMarkets
- The Technium by Kevin Kelly

Dave Tufte writes:

I second The Last Psychiatrist.

My favorite one for connecting me to stuff outside my area is

Broadly in businessy sciency areas, try Paul Kedrosky's Infectious Greed.

David C writes:

There are a few smart people from the business world who seem to know a lot about economic issues from a perspective that's very different from the ones you might get from the academic world. I'd suggest the New York Times Small Business Blog, You're the Boss, for a very different perspective on economic policy. Check out 20,000 Reasons Not to Hire Someone, particularly the policy recommendation at the end:

Paul Crowley writes:

I can't promise it's relevant to your interests, but Slate Star Codex is one of the most insightful and funniest blogs in the world about philosophy, reason, and argument (among many other things).

FredR writes:

Poetry as Socio-Proctology

Best blog on the internet.

drobviousso writes:

The Torch, which is the blog of FIRE (the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education). Not a page turner, but regular updates from one of the most active education-based civil rights organization out there is worth a subscription if you are in, or care about, higher education.

Peter writes:

Johnny come late here and while I subscribe to many above, also enjoy (among others):

Financial Cryptography ( - Because I've respected the author since back in the cypherpunk days and love his thoughts on matters when he posts (rarely).

Balkinization (


CounterPunch ( - Yes this is about the opposite of everything you will ever find on the rest of the RRS's mentioned above BUT every once awhile you find a nugget and it's nice to see what the other side is saying :)

Glenn Greenwald ( - Dan Carlin (Hardcore History) turned me on to him. Enjoy him MUCH better than David Brooks

Lawfare ( - Great legal blog on national security stuff. I would also mentioned Volokh but I assume you already follow them :)

Political Calculations ( - Great visuals

Rocketpunk Manifesto ( - Because I'm a hard science scifi geek :)

That being said been work rrs feeds (vendor announcements, etc), non appropriate feeds, and news/politics/thinker feeds have WAY TOO MANY (around a 100) and TBH, I end up missing stuff as only dedicate an hour a day to reading them, i.e. quick scans usually unless a headline REALLY grabs me. Thanks folk above as I added another couple :)

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