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Coming Attractions: What To Look For Next Week

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I've scheduled my posts for next week. Here's what's in store:

1. Monday: "Foreign Language Study: Should it Be Compulsory?" I was inspired by a recent trip to Sweden. If you're interested in some background reading, Bryan Caplan lit a few fires with these posts last summer:

The Numbers Speak: Foreign Language Requirements Are a Waste of Time and Money
The Degree and Origin of Foreign Language Competence
Are Monolingual Americans Missing Out?

2. Tuesday: "Will the Internet Destroy Marriage or Save It?" A summary and conclusion in response to comments on my May 29 post asking how the internet will affect divorce rates.

3. Wednesday: A discussion of my two favorite passages in Atlas Shrugged.

4. Thursday: "Why My Billion-Dollar Plan Won't Work the Way I Want it To" Also on May 29, I proposed spending a billion dollars subsidizing quantum and DNA computing. I'll summarize some of the (excellent) comments and explain why my plan won't work the way I'd like.

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