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Betting Therapy

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A great practical idea from Eliezer Yudkowsky:
Betting Therapy" should be a thing. You go to a betting therapist and describe your fears - everything you're afraid will happen if you do X - and then the therapist offers to bet money on whether it actually happens to you or not. After you lose enough money, you stop being afraid.

I wonder how well Betting Therapy would do in a race against Exposure Therapy.  Someone who knows more should bet on this...

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Silas Barta writes:

Sounds like private (and money losing) unemployment insurance. "Counselor, I'm afraid I'll lose my job." "Ooh, guess I was right. Pay up."

Joshua writes:

"Doctor, I'm afraid I'm a gambling addict."

Peter writes:

Wouldn't you need to use exposure therapy for betting therapy? How else would you settle the bets?

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