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Coming Attractions for Next Week

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Here are a few things I'll be writing about next week:

1. Thomas Thwaites' Toaster Project. Here's the TED Talk. My students had to watch this recently and write an essay about it. It's "I, Pencil," but with toasters. Sort of.

2. Online education. I'm teaching principles of macroeconomics online at the moment, and I've found it to be a very interesting endeavor. I think fears that MOOCs will destroy modern higher education are a bit overstated, though there will be a lot of shuffling and creative destruction.

3. One theme: modernity is pretty awesome. I actually wrote and scheduled this yesterday, and when you read it I'll probably be on a plane while my students take exams proctored by an online service. If possible, I'm going to try to hold virtual office hours using the in-flight wifi on Monday. But more on that later.

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