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Huemer Symposium at BHL

On Re-Reading Hayek's The ... Nudge and Abortion Followup...
The Bleeding Heart Libertarians symposium on Mike Huemer's The Problem of Political Authority starts today.  Don't miss it!

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Ted Levy writes:

First contribution only so-so...

Handle writes:

How's this for a critical response:

Most people actually do believe there is something inherently and qualitatively different between individual torts and a government making and enforcing rules which are binding on members of a community even if some people disagree with those rules. They recognize a large moral and ethical distinction arising from the scope of the activity, and do not therefore recognize a pressing need to produce extraordinary justifications countering a Libertarian presumption they do not share nor find compelling.

The End.

P.S. If one takes the position that there's nothing special about government, then it's odd to claim that certain governmental actions - for example immigration selectionism and and exclusion from property - are legitimate for individuals and all other private organization but not for the government.

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