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I Was Wrong: Avik Roy was Right

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Avik Roy and I went back and forth by e-mail throughout the day yesterday about my blog post on his article. I still thought he was wrong.

But what convinced me was the comment on my post by "Handle." I probably can't say it better than Handle and so I won't try. The key word that I somehow missed was the government official's word "balance." Read Handle's whole comment. It's worth it.

I could go on and on and try to excuse myself or say that Avik didn't say it clearly enough, blah, blah, blah, but why bother? I missed that key word, plain and simple.

My apologies to Avik.

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Handle writes:

This is extraordinarily big of you. I should incentivize this. Whenever you're back in the DC area send me an email and I'll buy you a drink (or meal, if you prefer).

David R. Henderson writes:

Thanks. You did say it well. I will take you up on that. Although the incentive is infra marginal. :-)

Tom Nagle writes:

I love it when you are wrong, and then acknowledge it, because you are a shining example to others of what it means to have intellectual integrity. I find intellectual integrity rare, but much more common among highly successful people like yourself. People who welcome debate and correct their thinking grow. It is much more fun to be growing in one's understanding of the world than to be fighting to protect one's prior beliefs.

Greg G writes:

It is rare to ever see anyone admit a mistake in these types of debates. It is even rarer to see it done so magnanimously and with no excuses. This shows a lot of class. Well done David.

Ted Levy writes:

Gee, David...First that mistake with Galbraith, now with Roy...:-)

David R. Henderson writes:

@Tom Nagle and Greg G,
Thanks so much.
@Ted Levy,

S writes:

Admirable of you David. One of the reasons I like reading you. Best

Paul M. Jones writes:

Good form, sir, good form.

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