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Economic Possibilities for Our Grandchildren*

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Samford goes on Fall Break this weekend. In my principles of macro class, we just spent two weeks talking about the institutional causes of the wealth of nations as well as the Solow growth model. As you get ready for the weekend, here are a few things to help you ruminate on what is possible in a world of free people who value commerce and innovation.

Peter Diamandis, "Abundance is our future" at TED:

Alex Tabarrok, "How ideas trump crises"

Videos of Matt Ridley talking about why he is a Rational Optimist

*This is also the title of an essay by John Maynard Keynes.

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Mark Bahner writes:

When Peter Diamandis mentions talks about the woman who is apparently the world's best protein folder (starting at about 14 minutes, 15 seconds), does anybody have the same reaction I have?

P.S. I don't want to say what reaction I have until some other people have had a chance to say their reaction. :-)

Mark Bahner writes:


Well, I guess nobody else had this reaction. :-)

My reaction to hearing that the world's best protein folder folds proteins in her spare time, when she gets home from her day job, was that protein folding should be her day job.

It's like if Mozart washed dishes as his day job, and just wrote music whenever he had the time.


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