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Friday Night Video: CBS Recognizes How ObamaCare Can Hurt

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Notice the guy who says the young woman is paying more for a better product and more protection. Really? She pointed out that her deductible would rise from $1500 to $4000 and that after that, the insurance for only 70% of charges. She doesn't say what percent of charges it paid for under her old plan but she seems intelligent and would she really be complaining about it being 70% if her old plan paid 70% or less? Not likely.

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That bit at the end about it being 'a better product'--in total contradiction to everything that came before, especially the young woman's analysis--is probably a sop thrown to the CBS crew's peer group. 'Heaven forfend, we're not some icky Tea Partiers!.'

ThomasH writes:

That ACA is not going to reduce the cost of health insurance + taxes paid for everyone is an insight only for someone who does not understand that "there is no such think as a free lunch." Yes, there are such people, but is it really news for those of us who read this blog?

[Flash: minimum wages can reduce employment. More at 11:00.]

aez writes:

"A better product" because its supporters believe it's going to be better for other people--not better for her. "More protection," I suppose, because it covers things she will never use, and that the other people she is supporting with her premium are unlikely to need for the most part. What horrifying obfuscation.

josh franta writes:

unfortunately, rising of rates and canceling of existing plans is something that is not new with the ACA. it's been happening to me for a number of years now, simply because they have to keep repooling their risks as the most expensive people's costs rise more dramatically than healthy like me (knock on wood).

so whether you call it fixing the ACA or fixing the market, they're going to need to do more to allow more variation in plans and improve rates, perhaps by allowing national plans or inter-state insurance sales.

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