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Tonight I'm debating for Intelligence Squared in New York City.  The resolution: "Let Anyone Take a Job Anywhere."  Vivek Wadhwa and I are arguing for the affirmative case; Ron Unz and Kathleen Newland are arguing the negative case. 

The entire debate will be live-streamed starting at 6:45 EST, and eventually be available on NPR and Youtube.

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Geoffrey writes:

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George writes:

The additional women to the workforce question from Bryan was excellent!

Jason Malloy writes:

Summary: A solid 46% plurality of the audience agreed with Caplan and Wadhwa's position before the debate started, but Unz and Newland converted many of their supporters, captured the undecideds, and won the debate 49% to 21%.

Audience Member writes:

The thrust of the argument of those opposed was very much "it would be bad for your average American, so oppose it." I thought this didn't really respond appropriately to the prompt, which I thought should be tackled from a global, multinational perspective from behind the veil of ignorance, not from a perspective that just looks at the auto worker in Detroit. For some reason the audience did not appear to grasp this distinction.

Jason Malloy writes:

Now that they've put the results up, I see I was mistaken about the 21%:

Pre-debate Poll Results
46% for | 21% against | 33% undecided

Post-debate Poll Results
42% for | 49% against | 9% undecided

George writes:

Honestly, I didn't think Unz and Newland were that convincing. I think that what happened here was that people took their minimum wage is too low bias to the table and used it to justify their "no" position. So they rationalized against open jobs since on it's face to many people it required more legislating to work thereby giving the Unz camp the sneaky win since they didn't oppose Bryan and Vivek. Instead, they modified their position.

Ted Levy writes:

With all respect to Mr. Wadhwa, I wonder how the team of Caplan/Huemer might have done.

Pajser writes:

But its even worse from multinational perspective. What happens to Tanzanians if their medical doctor emigrate to USA?

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