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Let's Meet at the Southerns, or, Want to Read My Manuscript?

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I'm working on a book with the venerable Deirdre N. McCloskey on the economic history of the last few centuries, and I've arranged a session at the Southern Economic Association conference in Tampa in which I'll receive comments from Steven Horwitz and Liberty Fund's own Sarah Skwire.

If you'll be at the conference and would like to attend the session, email me and I'll send you a copy of the manuscript, such as it is. At this point it's basically a glorified outline, but it will give you an idea of the big-picture issues we're addressing.*

Here's Deirdre McCloskey on EconTalk; I think it's the only episode of EconTalk I've cited in a journal article.

*-Before you ask, at this point I'm only sending the manuscript to people who will be at the SEA meeting. I'll make a later version more widely available.

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Glen S. McGhee writes:

Then you may want to check out the theoretical issues raised in this paper on how "market dynamics" drive "historical change."

Conference looked kinda boring, actually.

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