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Economics in One Meme: Growing Again

Consuming Resources Isn't Succ... Some Explanations for the Curi...

At the beginning of 2012, I created a Facebook page called "Economics in One Meme." It went dormant for most of the Fall because the meme creator I was using (Quickmeme) got banned from Reddit and then changed its format pretty considerably. After dragging my feet (and after getting through the semester) I created an Imgur account and started making memes again. Sadly (?), I'm not alone: also offers an array of econ-related memes.

Here's my most recent contribution. Mises and Hayek are meta-hip: while everyone else thought socialism was the wave of the future, they knew the real story.

After the USSR Fell, everyone figured it out. But Mises & Hayek...

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DavoM4 writes:

There's a whole Facebook page of Krugman memes...

Nathan Sharfi writes:

What, then, of Eugen Richter?

Apparently the 20th century hasn't run in Seattle yet;

City Council Member Nick Licata expressed confidence the city will raise its minimum wage to $15 an hour.
"We're a strong caring city. Generally we do what needs to be done," Licata said. "We got Elvis Presley to come here...I think we can get to a $15 minimum wage."

Seattle should have as much success finding work for low skilled labor as the Elvis-ites.

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