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I'll be doing an Ask Me Anything tonight at 9 PM EST on reddit.  Here's the link.

HT: Michael Tontchev for setting this up.

P.S. Please post your questions on reddit, not the EconLog comments.

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Scott writes:

Do you think social mobility is important independently of its consequences for overall welfare? In other words, would you trade some amount of GDP (or happiness or primary goods or whatever your metric is) for increased social mobility?

Colin French writes:

Firstly let me say that The Myth of the Rational Voter is one of my favorite books. One of my former econ professors, a GMU alumni, assigned it.

Do you believe that an improvement in Economic education at the secondary level would help create a more economically literate country, and improve the average voter's understanding of these issues?

Ross Levatter writes:

Several years back I think you indicated you had 4 books in mind after your book about having more children. What's the status on that?

Arpy writes:

Hey Bryan, I love your work! I'm a swedish student from Stockholm, being one of the few classic liberal students here makes me very thankful to ask you following.

The swedish model has been seen as quite an ideal among liberals (in the american use of the word). On the surface it looks successful (the big government discourse). How would you critisize/falsify/dissect that system, besides the obvious moral arguments?

Chris H writes:

In the event of a country adopting anarcho-capitalist conclusions, what consequence or set of consequences would you consider to be the least negative which would still convince you anarcho-capitalism was a failed idea? In other words, what negative results would push you over the margin from being pro- to anti-anarcho-capitalism?

NZ writes:

[Comment removed for irrelevance.--Econlib Ed.]

Mark writes:

Just one question: do you think that people read the postscripts on your posts?

Dangerman writes:

Competing will Will Ferrell today. That's a tough act to follow.

Where's the link?

Nothing in r/IAMA as of now...?

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