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Taxes are all around

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The Lithuanian Free Market Institute has long been one of the most energetic think tanks in Europe. They are also one of the few free-market organizations, among the European ones, that have a thoroughly broad and diversified base. Lithuania is a small state, and LFMI, which has been active for more than 20 years, is a lively presence to its citizens. I first heard of them from a friend of mine, a prominent classical liberal professor, who was traveling to Lithuania for other reasons and just learned of their existence through an advertisement in the in-flight magazine on the plane.
LFMI has thus a good incentive to be creative and communicate not only with intellectuals, but with a broader public. I've just come across this short, elegant, simple video that they recently released. The message is simple but powerful: taxes are all around us, to paraphrase the Troggs.

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MG writes:

But isn't the take even worse? If income is already taxed at high rates (didn't it say, 42%), then the total taxes paid in the course of living (earning to consume) is far more than just a third.

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