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I wrote earlier about a special readings course I put together for people who had done well in my Cost/Benefit course but wanted more economics than they get in our MBA curriculum.

As a kind of celebration, a number of us are going next Tuesday to see the Oakland A's play the Cleveland Indians. The organizer of the trip is an Indians fan and he gave me permission to share this e-mail that he sent to all of us who are going. I'm quoting it here because I got a kick out of his applying some of the lessons from the course, especially the Coase theorem.

Future Indians Fans,

Tickets have been purchased for the game on Tuesday, April 1. Good news for the economist.

1) Tickets were only $54.80 each (section 112, row 9, just behind and to the right of the Indians dugout, could have been one section over for more money, but on the margin it wasn't worth it).
2) Tuesdays are free parking (I think that is a karma thing since we made it so the whole group could go).

That being said, I had to buy 6 tickets because I couldn't find anyone willing to let go of 5 and have only 1 left. Pending us finding a babysitter, that ticket is going to be used by my wife Sarah. If that falls out, feel free to dole it out to a willing individual on a first come, first served basis. If all else fails, we will split the ticket cost among the five of us, which still brings us in under my original estimate.

I will still drive everyone, unless you want to drive yourself for some reason (perhaps you just donated a kidney and got a Corvette). We have room for the whole group in our family cruiser. In-car entertainment will include a showing of "Major League", one of the greatest sports movies of all time and possibly the only time I'll see the Indians win a game this year. Can't wait! Let me know if you've got any questions. Sorry for the long email. Coase theorem in effect for seating arrangements. Any non-Indians fans ride on the roof (Incentives matter). I think I've included at least 6 pillars of economic wisdom, so maybe we can get some travel money for this and call it a "research project"?

BTW, I don't actually count 6 pillars of economic wisdom; I think he was exaggerating.

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MikeP writes:
...the game on Tuesday, April 1.

I think there's a finite probability that none of this is true at all.

David R. Henderson writes:

You’re right. There is a finite probability that none of this is true. That finite probability is 0.

Hana writes:

With all due respect to the driver, and since he can't watch the movie anyway, the video selection really should be "Moneyball".

Andrew_FL writes:

I'm trying to guess if it's karma because that parking lot is going to be very crowded-since it's free parking-or karma because they could have gone in separate cars without having to worry about having to pay for parking.

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